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Park Plaza Westminster | London

October 15th - 17th, 2018

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The brightest minds in marketing met in Berlin to discuss the latest strategies and tools they are using to find success. Watch their sessions below and gain invaluable insights that you can't find anywhere else.      


2017 presentations



CEO at Emarsys

The Promise of Marketing
Watch the Keynote to learn how AI will shape the future of marketing and how you can use it to scale truly personalized interactions.



Forrester Principal Analyst

Are We Ready for AI Marketing?

Watch Rusty Warner’s keynote on how AI is shaping the industry and how ready marketers are for the AI revolution.



CMO at Runtastic

The Runtastic Story

Watch the keynote to find out how Runtastic boasts 60% registration rates with an innovative customer-first content strategy.


Professor Michael


CEO & Founder, Blue Yonder

Pushing Forward AI to Learn how to Make Better Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

Watch the keynote to learn more about AI in its current and future state and how you can use it to make better decisions for your brand.  





Trends in Emerging Marketing

Watch Philipp Westermeyer’s keynote discussing emerging marketing and get a head start on the Do’s and Don’ts for your future marketing campaigns.




CMO at Emarsys

Revolutionizing the Marketer’s Role

Watch our CMO’s keynote and discover why Emarsys is revolutionizing the role of the marketer and what that means for the future of marketing.




Director Marketing at mymuesli

Personalization is an Innovation Strategy

Watch the keynote to learn more about how MyMuesli is leading the market using personalization as an innovation strategy.




Chief Product Officer at Emarsys

Functional Understanding

Watch our CPO’s keynote as he breaks down AI and examines how it works with data, machine learning, and automation within the Emarsys platform.



Rob Feldmann and Alexandra Simion

The CEO and the Head of Marketing at BrandAlley UK

Drive Customer Engagement and Scale Your Retail

Business Watch the breakout session to learn how BrandAlley continues to scale their retail business by driving customer engagement with the help of Emarsys.



Rusty Warner, Ohad Hecht, and Stephanie Peterson, 

Forrester Principal Analyst,  Emarsys CEO and the Runtastic CMO

How Are You Preparing for AI Marketing?

Watch the fireside chat to learn how these industry innovators are preparing for the AI revolution.

Philipp Westermeyer, Daniel Setzermann, and Professor Michael Feindt

OMR Co-Founder, MyMuesli Director of Marketing and CEO & Founder, Blue Yonder

How are You Preparing for AI Marketing?

Watch the fireside chat to hear how these industry innovators are preparing for the AI revolution.


What to expect at Revolution 2018


Inspiring Keynotes

Hear from, and be inspired by, the brightest minds in marketing. Learn how artifical intelligence and machine learning are fueling 1-to-1 personalization, and see what that means to you.



Don't stay behind, come and learn how the marketer's role is changing, and how to adjust to those changes, with great sessions from industry experts. 



Spend time sharing knowledge and insights with marketing peers during the breakfasts, lunches, break-away events, and party evenings.


Fun, Friends, Foods

There's more to Revolution than keynotes and education, it's also going to be fun! We have an amazing entertainment program lined up, with a great street food market experience.

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