Emarsys Revolution 2018 Archive


The brightest minds in marketing met in London to discuss the latest strategies and tools they are using to find success. Watch their sessions below and gain invaluable insights that you can't find anywhere else.


2018 Presentations



CEO at Emarsys

The Marketing Revolution
Watch the Keynote to learn more about the two main challenges we face in the marketing space today and how the marketing revolution can help us meet and surpass customer expectations.



VP of Solutions and Strategic Services at Emarsys

How Marketers Can Thrive in a Consumer-Driven World

Watch Raj's keynote that explains the product vision for Emarsys and how it will help marketers reach consumers and create truly personalized experiences in a consumer-driven world. 




Soul Flyers and Red Bull athlete

Achieving Success by Living Your Dreams

Hear from Vince as he explains the 3 keys to success in life and in marketing and how they can help you achieve your goals and live your dreams.




Head of Marketing at BrandAlley 

How BrandAlley Reached 100% YOY Revenue Growth 

Hear from BrandAlley's Alexandra Simion and Emarsys' Alex Timlin, as they explore how Emarsys helped BrandAlley reach 100% YOY revenue growth and 127% YOY growth in their active customer base through sophisticated marketing automation.


Mike Doyle and

Michael Cheng

Head of Marketing and Head of Digital at City Beach

Understanding the Omnichannel Customer Lifecycle

Watch this presentation from Emarsys Revolution 2018 to find out how fully personalized, automated email helped City Beach achieve a 105% in YOY email revenue and add $400 to active customer lifetime value statistics. 




CMO at Drizly

The New Digital Imperatives of Customer Obsession

Join Drizly's Scott Braun and Emarsys' Erin Azar, as they discuss how Drizly used relational data segmentation, send time optimization, and rich media push to personalize app content for their mobile customers and build their brand.




CEO at TMW Unlimited

Think Like the Customer & Future-Proof Your Business

Discover Chris' insights on what makes a good shopping experience and how to influence purchase behavior to future-proof your business.




Digital Marketing Manager at Salling Group

Becoming More Customer-Centric
Watch this video from Emarsys Revolution 2018 to hear from Jens Pytlich as he explains how to determine the right product, price, time, and channel to push to your individual customers to keep them coming back. 


Erin Dixon and 

David Moreno

CRM Manager & Social Media Manager at KitchenAid 

Improving Customer Experience to Drive Business Goals

Watch this session from Emarsys Revolution 2018 to discover how KitchenAid EMEA was able to decrease their bounce rate by 20% and increase online sales 700% by focusing on consumer needs and developing personalized content.



CEO at BrandAlley

Customer-Centricity for Retail Survival 

Find out how BrandAlley used a customer-centric mindset and leveraged consumer behavior analytics to meet business goals, resulting in a 107% YOY increase in orders, a 158% YOY increase in new customers, and an 86% increase in YOY total customers.



Group CRM & Digital Communications Manager at Sally Europe


The Human Element: Conversational Marketing 

Watch this video from Emarsys Revolution 2018 where Sally Europe's Scott Jonsmyth-Clarke explains the importance of 'friendship marketing', the conversational ecosystem, and happiness checks to drive customer communication and satisfaction. 

Steffan Hoffman and 
Claudia Oswald

Managing Director and Head of Online Marketing & CRM at Outletcity


Brick-and-Mortar Goes Digital

Learn how using customer-centric efforts, intelligent insights, and personalized content can allow digital and non-digital to come together to create the ultimate outlet center shopping experience. 

Elina Sheikh and
Jonas Jahnsson

Digital Marketer and Marketing Specialist at Brandsal Group


The Culture of E-Commerce Success 

In this video from Emarsys Revolution 2018, join Brandsal Group's Elina Sheikh and Jonas Jahnsson as they explain the importance of a holistic, happy business culture, and personalization testing in e-commerce.

Dan Stone and
Priyanka Roy

Email Strategist and Senior Manager at Return Path


The Keys to Customer-Centricity in Email Marketing

In this video, learn about the hidden metrics of email deliverability, personalization, subject lines, and preparing for the worst. Discover the keys to customer-centricity in email marketing.

Matt Hayes and 
Jordan Sawyer

CEO and Senior Account Manager at Kickdynamic


The Journey from Batch & Blast to Personalized Emails

Discover how personalized email campaigns gained Kickdynamic clients +300% in revenue of Live products, +52% AOV increase, +33% conversion from email, and more!

Tim Sumner and
Anna Bray

Solutions Engineer and UK Marketing Lead at Shopify Plus


eCommerce Automation: Reclaiming Your Time 

In this session, learn about trigger, condition, action, and growing your ecommerce business using optimization and automation. Put more time back into your day! #EmarsysRevolution


Director of Business Development at Zmags


Enhancing the Digital Experience with Rich Content

Zmags' Director of Business Development, James Hawkins, joined us at Emarsys Revolution 2018 to discuss the best way to delight shoppers and drive revenue with rich, engaging content. 


Managing Director at optilyz


The Future of Direct Mail: Personalization & Automation

In this video from Emarsys Revolution 2018, join Optilyz's Managing Director - Robert Rebholz as he and his colleagues explain how optilyz uses optimization, personalization and automation to better target direct mail efforts and increase conversions.